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Non-responding opponent kicking me

I could not find my opponet for several minutes. Therefore I opened new tab to contact admin in general chat, and tried adding admin in HS. When that did not work, I clicked myself back to the tournament (EU469) and wanted to se if there was anything happening. There I saw that I had been dropped and my un-contactable enemy moved forward. Apparently, during my time looking for an admin or something I was dropped from the site/system, and did not notice it in time.

This site is a wonderfull idea and I hope it will work better in the future.

Tacitus , 05.11.2014, 15:55
Response from the site administrator
tidwell, 11.11.2014
Auto-reconnect has been added and should fix sync issues. More admins have also been added to resolve conflicts.
Idea status: completed


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